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Kerlingarfjöll are true pearl to all nature lovers and outdoor people. 
During summer the area is accessible by almost any car,  through Kjölur road and then F347. The road opens usually during first week of June and remains open long into the autumn, although one may experience temporary disturbances because of snow after 20th of September.
For traffic to Kerlingarfjöll during Autumn, Winter and sprig requires modified cars and experience in driving in snow.

The summer season at Kerlingarfjöll is from mid June to early September

Summer days in the highland can be memorable, being in the wast wilderness, enjoying the sound of nature, birds singing, eventually some animals such as sheep or foxes, wind and the water flowing in the rivers. 

In Kerlingarfjöll one can add the experience of climbing one of the mountains to eventually see larger part of the Island or hike into the narrow dales or canyons to see noting but the sky above and hear nothing but the roaring steam geysers.

The area offers more things, walking along the Jökulfall gorge, take a longer hike around the Mountains or eventually towards the Hofsjökull Glacier.  

And then to end the day by taking a short hike to the outdoor pool, which is soem 1,5 Km upstream from the highland center.

The pool

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The pool was created after non successful attempt to drill for a hot water in the Asgarður gorge.

The Summits

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Enjoy some of the widest and most spectacular views in the Highlands

The valleys

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Between the mountains there are valleys, with different shapes and directions


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The Jökulfall gorge, easily accessible and offers endless photo opportunities

The Ring

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The ring is a three day hiking trail around the Kerlingarfjöll mountain cluster

Towards the glacier

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Hofsjökull glacier is only 15 Km away


Beautiful marked and unmarked hiking routes suitable for all. Whether it's heading for the mountain tops or exploring one of the biggest geothermal areas in Iceland you can be certain that Kerlingarfjoll will take you by surprise. The hiking routes that are listed here are only the main routes and we will gladly assist you with information on other routes.

The Challenge - Around Kerlingarfjoll in 3 days - The Circle Route

47 km
Demanding Walk

Austurfjöll - Trailing the peaks

7 km
Very demanding Walk

Hverdalir Adventure - The lower Geothermal Area - a must see

3 km
Slightly demanding Walk
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Autumn  at Kerlingarfjöll

The autumn at Kerlingarfjöll begins around the 10th of September, or at the time when the SBA bus schedule ends and the farmers arrive to collect their sheep. And one may say it ends when due to snow on the road,  normal cars can no longer be driven there, this may happen any time in October or even into November.

The start of the northern light season

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Thanks to its isolation, Kerlingarfjöll are ideal location for Aurora Viewing. When the lights have been switched off, the ground light disturbance eliminated, perfect conditions for Aurora photos have emerged.

The pool is waiting

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Within a easy walking distance there is a 35° C warm pool, in autumn this is an oasis away from the crowd.


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The time to explore places that are not easy to access during summer, as there is almost no water in the rivers and they can be used as a walkways


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Not necessarily a perfect conditions for longer tours, but one gets the feeling of driving..

Winter but landscape still visible

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When the winter settles in, landscape disappears  under the snow, in autumn the snow is just a thin and equal layer, decorating the landscape

And away from the crowd

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Kerlingarfjöll in autumn, the facilities, one car, two persons.

The winter at Kerlingarfjöll

The winter, which usually is from from late October until May, but naturally this varies from year to year.  During winter, visitors can only arrive by super jeeps or snowmobiles. The winter is perfect time for those who wish to stay at remote place, away from the main stream tourist destinations, and enjoy the silence and beauty of a winter in the Central highlands of Iceland.

See the theater of light

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During short winter days, the sun, the mountains and drifting snow can create interesting photo opportunities

Grab the extremes

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Hveradalir and winter, snow and steam


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Hiking on snowshoes during winter at Kerlingarföll is getting more popular every yea

Snowmobile driving

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We offer prime location for snowmobile driving, two of three largest glaciers in Europe within reach and interesting trail options within the neighborhood

Mountain skiing

Kerlingarfjöll are well known as a venue for the Ski School, which was operated from 1961 to 2000, or as long as snow was available, since then the mountains have become popular place for mountain skiers, where else than in Hveradalir, can you ski from a summit to a hot-spring.

Or just camp

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Being tired of the noise and stress??

From 30.04 to 15.06


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Kerlingarfjöll are ideal place to extend the skiing season long after traditional skiing areas close.


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Simply have the mountains on your own


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Kerlingarfjöll were venue for summer ski school for decades. Lifts are gone, but where else can you ski from a summit and end by the side of a geothermal pool?